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My magic jack phone has stopped working and I cannot make (or possibly receive) any phone calls. Magicjack problems - Windows XP. Your problem is not with the magicJack or the AT&T microcell. It's with your ISP, HughesNet, and that's not something they can change. We thought to help our readers and find them solutions to all the problems related to Magicjack. The common issues (error codes) have been discussed below. By far the most typical of these troubles concerns the static on the cell receiving end of the call. If the device works from a different wall outlet, the problem may be with interference from your house wiring. My guess is only a guess that this happen after a power outage. This has helped some people. Cut back on Internet usage when using the MagicJack phone connection or upgrade to a faster Internet service. Im using an emachines ELGw, with XP home. However, VoIP also makes your Internet connection more prone to hackers. No computer necessary, plug the device into my router and you can plug a landline into the second port on the device. What a rip off these guys are! He's supposed to call me back to replace my US number with a local number. I then contacted the telephone customer service, where they were much the same.

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Device works perfectly plugged into USB port of computer on same network. Ask a new question. Go through the phone prompts to re-add your voice message. If you can make a call directly from the NID but not from inside your home, you may have faulty phone wiring inside your home. I called customer service and they refuse to take it back, then made me wait for over an hour and they told me, "Ok, wait for a call," never happened. Still waiting to hear from a HUMAN customer service manager from the complaint department. If the customer decides to not use the services of MagicJack there have been delays with the refunds being issued in a timely manner. The same problems have been going on since I plugged this new device in. My next suggestion would have been to buy an emergency cell phone, but I surmise that you live outside the range of just about any cell tower. Bill of Montreal, QC on April 13, However there is no way to tell whether this has to do with the VoIP device or the cell phone carrier. magic jack problems I tried to connect it. Keep your family productive, connected, entertained, and safe. Likewise, DSL is probably dreadfully slow if even available. Bat with these 2 single lines of text each line starting with REG. Navigate to the following key: Tell them what you told us .

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MagicJack Plus FIXED! If you have a link to a specific URL on DSLReports, that might be different. Why must it be plugged directly into the router? Welcome to the world of self-help phone support! Please help if you. At that time, for an entire year, the speed was perfect. As messis position solution, I disconnected the two old phones.